Knowledge ecosystem without unwanted blockades

The fusion of Social Network, SaaS and Website enables users, teams and organizations to collaborate, publish to the Network and build a collective accessible memory.

Network-SaaS-Website helps users and organizations to manage decentral knowledge, collaborations and publication. Knowledge ecosystems need a systemic connector, memory and webpresence to cross borders and span boundaries without influencing and infecting the security and privacy rules of each participant. This privacy and security prevents organizations, professionals and citizens to collaborate across institutions and create trans-organizational value.'s architecture supports the transformation from an Ego to an Eco driven knowledge practise. It is's goal to service decentralized collaborations: Triple Helix regions, integrating education, research and societal participation, global NGO's or Digital Civil Society. And building a systemic memory throughout and connecting the various ecosystems.

For organizations with a SaaS account, access to the public network is crucial. Public users and SaaS Members interact, SaaS members from other organizations are invited to collaborate in a trans-organization coalition.

Architecture Client Perspective

A seamless user journey through various organizations, projects and collaborations is provided by integrating Network/SaaS/Web.

User Perspective

Why is the solution? (What is the problem?)

Knowledge ecosystems are driving innovation and attract business and talent. Knowledge ecosystems are often geographically bounded although globally tied and connected through informal relations and in-out professionals/knowledge.

The shared knowledge and collaborations within ecosystems is neighter strategically designed nor controlled, but is kept together by digital software blends. The digital blend combines email, theme websites, Social Networks, productivity Apps, various Cloud Storage systems, up to combinations with Office 365. These blends reflect the day-to-day work practise of each knowledge worker.

This digital blend is a decentralized brique รก braque:
  • Blends always end up in non-connected and scattered users, information and projects.
  • Digital blends lack governance: users may loose their privacy by advertising systems and abuse of user data in Apps and Social Media.
  • Users need to switch between various tools and digital instruments which pile up User Fees
  • Publication is always an issue since users and organizations are fighting SEO and online marketing to get the message through the channels.
  • The blended parts cannot establish a collective accessible memory throughout the eco-system or connecting ecosystems: no central search or thematic structure.

    The absence of a platform is the main reason why innovation, communication and change is so costly: new concepts, initiatives and meetups are reinvented over and over again, burning change energy rapidly. And last but not least the attraction to users outside the ecosystem and branding value of Knowledge Ecosystems is not exploited.
  • Crossing Knowledge

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