Rich Documents and Media, Collaborative Network and publication interface

At this stage focusses on:
  • Rich Documents and Media, to make sure users in various sectors can participate and get inspired
  • Collaborative Network, to make 'We' the new norm in Knowledge
  • SaaS application and Public Network is one architecture, to enable connection between users of Public Network, SaaS application and between SaaS applications

  • Main user features
  • User always in control over personal and professional memberships
  • Free Public Platform without ads or abuse of privacy or data
  • 100+ content types and domains to connect
  • connects to multiple Cloud Storage solutions
  • Launched in 5 languages serving half of the world population
  • Social Admin for all users
  • Visual interface + Filesystem list of the content
  • Notification system on updates, invitations and project info
  • Search helps user to find and get inspired by content and users

  • Main organizational features
  • Client Admin for Infotree and Members
  • Custom Themes to cover the knowledge ecology
  • Trans-organizational collaboration and co-promotion
  • Reduced Licence fee in case of Multi-SaaS user
  • SAML and SSO for organizations
  • Compliance Exports
  • SLA
  • Rich Media and Storytelling. interfaces with 100+ content types and multiple Cloud Storage systems. Most knowledge SaaS is about storage and filesystems while users are interested in various media including Social Media snippets.'s creative canvas combines a storytelling structure with traditional listing of files and sources.


    Fazz, the multi-layered content container of Fazz adds depth ánd experience to traditional webcontent. Fazz may contain up to 10 content layers. To tell a mini-story, create news items and add background info or build a dossier in multi media. Fazz is embeddable in websites as the next examples show.

    Knowledge and Collaboration is the new standard of Active user participation- not just commenting, rating or liking - adds depth to content and improves its quality. adds a new level to collaboration where we combine Social Media, Website and SaaS features: public collaboration. Topics are 'set' collaborative and non-invited users may contribute. Naturally content is published only after a process of moderation.


    Users are invited to collaborate by other users, by admin or project managers, or without invitation in the public network.


    Users participate on a public Fazzline. The content is moderated and user is approved once, for all future contributions or rejected.


    A Network dashboard is available to the user. This dashboard offers overviews and outlook to user's personal account, professional memberships, content and content relations.


    Collective Memory: enables to search on content and people through the public network + all public SaaS content and users. The Theme structure is a second level of memory: themes are not limited to clustering information but actively creating context between content, topics and users. On every level of content and structure Meta Data is added.



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