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Fazzio merges a free Knowledge Network with SaaS applications to connect users and organizations in a seamless Knowledge journey. Fazzio crosses ICT, sectoral, cultural and geographical boundaries and fuses rich knowledge, collaborations and publication.

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Harmke is doing a Beauty Course on MBO educational level. She manages her internship at The Hairdresser by sharing documents (originating from various Cloud Storage solutions), rich media snippets and custom content. Her school supervisor, classmates and her work coach are invited to this specific FazzLine. Harmke is working in a private setting since her school decided this activity is private: knowledge network and SaaS application are fused into one application. Without ads, and privacy and data are protected.

Lecturers and students from various universities are working - in a public mode - on learning modules in a Research Master.

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The Fazz.io platform hosts a public and free Knowledge Network ánd organizational SaaS applications. Network and SaaS are part of one ecology, thus providing collaboration and publishing across the borders of silos, organizations and geography, seamless and secure user journeys and shared access throughout the content of the platform.

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Fazz.io is in use by the following organizations

  • Utrecht
  • Avans
  • MinEZ
  • lesi
  • Hogeschool Rotterdam


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